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Alumni Association Board

The Alumni Association Board of Directors consists of a 26-member panel of individuals that represent a wide range of graduating classes and who live across the United States. The board meets at least four times annually and works to engage, connect, support and celebrate alumni and friends of ESU. The board also promotes programs and events through the Office of Alumni Engagement as well as the various national chapters throughout the country.

ESU Alumni Board Officers

Frank E. Johnson ‘74
David A. Super ‘80
Ashley L. Puderbach Swartz ’09 M.Ed. ‘10
General Members

George Bennyhoff ‘65
Jack P. Childs, III ‘67
Edward J. Curvey ‘63
Kelly E. Dries ‘08
Joseph B. Fite, III ‘76
Glenn Gottshalk ‘72
Ernest R. Gromlich ‘60
William J. Horvath ’70 M.Ed. ‘79
Dawn Ketterman-Benner ‘70
Deborah A. Kulick ‘80
Demetrius Robert Lindsey ‘12
R. Griggs Levy ‘87
Johanna Mazlo ‘91
Cara Miller ‘01
Carol Miller ‘81
Lori Weinstein Miller ‘77
Rhonda Miller ‘16
Maury J. Molin ‘76
Thomas Petro ‘72
Michael R. Quick ‘10
Ritchey J. Ricci ’65 M.Ed. ‘72
Shelley Speirs ‘92
Ronald D. Steckel ‘71
Christine Rohr Thompson ‘73
Corey Wimmer ‘03


Virginia M. Sten ‘71
Bryan L. Hill ‘71
Eugenia S. Eden ’72 M.Ed. ‘76
Frank Michael Pullo ’73 M.Ed. ‘76
Faye D. Soderberg ‘58
Phyllis M. Kirschner ‘63
John E. Woodling ’68 M.Ed. ‘76
John T. Lambert ‘54

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