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ESU Office of Alumni Engagement

The Alumni Association Board of Directors consists of a 26-member panel of individuals that represent a wide range of graduating classes and who live across the United States. The board meets at least four times annually and works to engage, connect, support and celebrate alumni and friends of ESU. The board also promotes programs and events through the Office of Alumni Engagement as well as the various national chapters throughout the country.

Message from board president

Dear Fellow Alumni-

Elizabeth Luchansky

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and made countless memories with family and friends. It is hard to believe in just a few short weeks we will be preparing for our largest gathering of ESU Alumni at Homecoming 2022 in October. For those of you who continue to be a part of it each year, you know firsthand the amazing campus events that are planned specifically for alumni. This is such a special time for alumni to celebrate our friendships, achievements, and the future of ESU. Homecoming has always been one of my favorite times of the year. The excitement leading up to it, planning with my sorority sisters, spending the weekend reminiscing, celebrating, and visiting our campus brings me right back to my college days.

My hope for all of you reading this is that you and your family can spend some time back on campus for Homecoming. In so doing you can reconnect with classmates and your alma mater. I hope your conversations begin with “Remember When” and end with a smile on your face with many treasured memories.

My dear friends and fellow board members Glenn Gottshalk ’72 and Tom Petro ’72 are busy planning their 50th class reunion. I could not write this letter without including words from them on how special this Homecoming will be.

A note from ’72 Classmates Glenn Gottshalk and Tom Petro:

When anticipating a reunion of lifelong friends, Jonathan Safran Foer, an American novelist, wrote; “It is my great hope that our paths, however long and winding, will cross again.”

When we came to East Stroudsburg that first summer, it was for most of us, our first experience of living away from home and family. It was the opportunity to cross paths with other kids of common age, interests, hopes and dreams. That college experience was a rich and memorable one because of the relationships we formed with classmates, roommates, teammates, Greek brothers and sisters, loves and acquaintances. The four years we spent earning our degrees provided much more than a diploma…those four years also built the foundation for our network of life-long friendships.

It was easy when all our friends lived down the hall, or across the quad, or down the street, but graduation meant new directions. It meant that friends you spent so much time getting to know, were soon spattered all across the country, or even the globe. We pursued jobs, married, raised families, and now have watched our children go off to college, graduate and climb on that big treadmill, called the future. We, however, have stepped off that treadmill and in many cases retired, became grandparents, and now have the time to reconnect.

We have faced many “Once in a Lifetime” opportunities along the way. That phrase begins to have much more significance as we grow older. There are two things you can’t get back in life; an “opportunity” after it’s missed and “time” after it’s gone. Well, time has come “full circle” and we all have the opportunity to share and celebrate one of the best times of our life. No better way to celebrate that time, than with your ESSC/ESU family. Reunite and “Cross Paths…Again.” Return to the place that changed all of our lives forever.

This fall, October 14 and 15, will be the 50th year Reunion for the ESSC Class of 1972. It will be a “Once in a Lifetime” event celebrating our “Once in a Lifetime” college experience. Come and join us, as we “Cross ESSC Paths Again” at ESU.

Don’t let this “Path” pass you by. Cross paths again! You’ll be glad you did!

Always remember your Why in life - Why ESU? Why do I keep coming back? I hope your answer to your Why is the same as mine because ESU will always be a special home. I along with my fellow Board Members hope you can find some time to join us in one of our many celebrations.



Michael Bidwell

Michael Bidwell

Class Year: 1999
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Arts
ESU Major: Communications
Studeny Activities: Kappa Delta Rho, Lenape Hall Council, WESS radio

Jamie Borger

Jamie Borger

Class Year: 2015
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Public Health, Health Service Administration
Studeny Activities: Softball, Women’s Rugby, A.T.o.D Peer Educator Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (S.A.A.C).



ESU Class Year (s): 1997
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Hotel Restaurant Tourism Management
Alumni Board Term: First Term, Third Year
Alumni Board Committee: Vice President
Employer: head up Global Local Sales for Sonder, a tech driven first in hospitality company 
Student Activities: Member of the Eta Sigma Delta
Involvements in the Local Community: Parent Coordinator for the ESHS -S Softball team volunteer for Monroe County Meals on Wheels, Involved with the Local Chapter of the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association - Amateur).

Joseph Caviston III Joseph Caviston III

Class Year: 2009
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Communication and Technology

Glenn W. Clark


Class Year: 1974
Employment Title: President, Rockwood Programs, INC
Employer: Rockwood Programs, INC
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Arts
ESU Major: Political Science
Campus Residence: Shawnee Hall
Student Activities: Student Senate President, Inter Fraternity Council – VP, Inter Collegiate Soccer – 1970-1972



Class Year: 2010
Employment Title: Adjunct Instructor
Employer: Fairleigh Dickinson University
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Sports Management

Aimee Ellison

Class Year: 1991
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Health and Physical Education
Student Activities: Field Hockey, Intramural volleyball and soccer,  Phi Epsilon Kappa, volunteers at Swim and Gym and worked at the Meekel Center

Keith Fisher


Class Year: 1991
Employment Title: Financial Management Analyst
Employer: FDIC
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Arts
ESU Major: Finance
Student Activities: Men’s Basketball, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.
Other: Hall of Fame inductee, 2014

Glenn Gottshalk


Class Year: 1972
Employment Title: H.P.E Specialist, Retired
Employer: Branchburg, New Jersey, Board of Education
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Health and Physical Education
Campus Residence: Shawnee (2 years)
Student Activities: Football (4 years), Basketball (1 year), Sigma P, Fraternity (4 years), and Sophomore Class Vice President (1 year)

Aalih Hussein 


Class Year: 2015
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Social Work (BSSW); Minor in Women’s Studies
Alumni Board Term: First Term, Second Year
Alumni Board Committee: Administration 
Employer: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation as a Breast Helpline Specialist as well as an outpatient therapist at Everlasting Wellness Counseling.
Student Activities: Student Senate Chair of Extra- Curricular Activities, Feminist Alliance President, Muslim Student Association Secretary, Desi Student Organization Secretary, Social Work Student Advisory Board President.
Involvements in the Local Community: During her time in East Stroudsburg, Aalih helped organize the annual Pink Light Walk (2014-2018), organized breast cancer awareness and education events in the local community and was a teacher at the local Stroudsburg Islamic Center. Currently lives in North Carolina, 
Fun Fact: Enjoys baking, cooking, embroidery, painting and a good Netflix show. 


Ashley Johnson 

ESU Class Year (s): 2008
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Hotel Restaurant Tourism Management 
Alumni Board Term: First Term, Second Year 
Alumni Board Committee:
Employer: Regional Director of Sales at Aimbridge Hospitality managing 29 hotel sales teams around the United States
Student Activities: Eta Sigma Delta President, Tourism Club President, Campus Activities Board member, Hotel Club and Dean’s Student Advisory Board member.
Fun Fact: Enjoys camping and hiking, traveling, experiencing unique hotels, amateur wine connoisseur.

Michelle Keating-Sibel

Michael Bidwell

Class Year: 2000
ESU Degree:
Bachelor of Science
ESU Major:
Studeny Activities:
Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority

Dawn Ketterman-Benner


Class Year: 1970
Employment Title: Professor Emerita and Adjunct Professor in Education
Employer: Moravian College
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and Physical Education
ESU Major: Health Sciences and Physical Education
Campus Residence: Stroud Hall, Minsi, off campus senior year
Student Activities: Field Hockey, Tennis, Gymnastics, Swimming, Athletics Committee, Homecoming Chairperson (2 years), Student and Administration Committee, Co-editor (sports) for Newspaper and Yearbook, and Who’s Who

Mark Malfara

Class Year: 1998
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Recreation Management
Student Activities: Men’s Rugby

Jessica Maxwell

Class Year: 2016
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major:  Business Management and Finance
Student Activities: Women’s Lacrosse

Kathleen Murphy Kirkwood


Class Year: 1995
Employment Title: Substitute Teacher
Employer: Moravian Academy
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
Major: Early Childhood Elementary Education

Carol Miller


Class Year: 1981
Employment Title: Professor
Employer: East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
Campus Residence: Lenape, Minsi
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Hotel and Restaurant Management
Student Activities: Resident Advisor, President of the Hospitality and Management Club



ESU Class Year (s): 2006
ESU Degree:
Bachelor of Science 
ESU Major:
Alumni Board Term:
First Term, Second Year
Alumni Board Committee:
Student Activities: 
Involvements in the Local Community: Volunteer at Room at the Inn, Chattanooga (a non-profit that assists single moms with housing, jobs, etc.
Fun Fact:
Completed Master of Science in 2009 at Walden University. Made a career change to Mental Health Counseling and completed requirements for licensure in GA in 2010. Completed Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor certification in 2018.

Adrian Neves


Class Year: 2007
ESU Degree:
Bachelor of Science
ESU Major:  
Business Administration and Finance
Student Activities:
Men’s soccer

Elizabeth Luchansky O’Brien (President)

Elizabeth Luchansky

Class Year: 2001
Employer: PA State Representative Kyle J. Mullins
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Recreation, Leisure Management
Professional Highlights: working for nine years with the PA Gaming Control Board

Caitlin “Katie” Ord (Secretary)


Class Year: 2007
Employment Title: ESU Field Hockey Assistant Coach
Employer: East Stroudsburg University
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Exercise Science w/ minor in coaching (undergraduate and graduate)
Campus Address: Laurel Hall
Student Activities: Field Hockey Team
Other: Labor of Love USA Board Member, Writer of Change – A New Christmas Carol, NFHCA All-American, 015 NCAA D11 Field Hockey Champion

Thomas Petro


Class Year: 1972
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Health and Physical Education
Employment Title: Special Agent Retired, U. S. Secret Service (21), SSA Office of the Inspector General (20)
Campus Residence: Shawnee, Sigma Pi House
Student Activities: Football (4), Swimming/Diving (3), Student Government (3), Sigma Pi Fraternity Officer, Phi Epsilon Kappa Honor Fraternity Officer 
Other: ESU Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient in 2013

Deborah Pride

Deborah Pride

Class Year: 1998
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Arts 
ESU Major: Political Science

Daniel Romagno


Class Year: 2020
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Business Management, Finance. Minor: Economic
Alumni Board Term: First Term, First Year
Alumni Board Committee (s): Alumni Awards
Employer: The Sherman Theater
Involvements in the Local Community: Member of the Pocono Leaders of Tomorrow Committee, Member of the Pocono Chamber of Commerce, helps organize stroudfest and Sherman Theater Community Concert Series. 
Fun Fact: Avid traveler and has been to thirty-eight states and five countries

Robin Smith Schneider


Class Year: 2004
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Business Management
Alumni Board Term: First Term, Second Year
Alumni Board Committee (s): Alumni Awards and Communication
Student Activities: Emerging Leaders, SAA Music Performer
Involvements in the local community: Runs a series of program outreaches, geared mainly towards the youth in our community, through a local nonprofit organization, Labor Of Love USA. She is a guest speaker in a second chance school for troubled kids. Helps run a summer basketball program. Cowriter of an original Christmas comedy musical that is held annually at the Sherman Theater.
Fun Fact: Sang the national anthem for a President of the United States first 100 days in office at the capital.

Christine Rohr Thompson 


Class Year: 1973
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: Elementary Education, K-6, Early Childhood Education
Student Activities: Field Hockey, Lacrosse, President of ASA

Lori Miller Weinstein


Class Year: 1977
Employment Title: Retired- Middle School Physical Education teacher, Middle School Athletic Director and Pre-School through eighth grade Adapted Physical Education Teacher
Employer: Branchburg Township Board of Education, Branchburg, N.J.
ESU Degree: Bachelor of Science
ESU Major: HPE
Campus Address: Hemlock Hall
Student Activities: HPE Club, Men’s Basketball Team Statistician, Concert Committee (Treasurer), Cheerleading, Phi Lambda Sigma, and Intramurals

 Emeriti Members:

  • Virginia M. Sten ‘71 
  • Bryan L. Hill ‘71 
  • Sandra “Pinky” O’Neil-Seiler ’57 
  • Frank Michael Pullo ’73 M.Ed. ‘76 
  • Faye D. Soderberg ‘58 
  • Phyllis M. Kirschner ‘63 
  • John E. Woodling ’68 M.Ed. ‘76