Committees of the ESU Alumni Association Board 

The awards committee solicits nominations for the standing awards which the Alumni Association gives out. In any given year, these may include awards to alumni, staff, faculty, and/or community members. The awards culminate with an annual awards ceremony held during homecoming weekend. 

The communications committee maintains a positive image for both the Alumni Association and the University as a whole. Develop a program to pass on the history and traditions of East Stroudsburg University to the current and incoming student body using such things as printed materials, displays, oral presentations and other multimedia. Improve interaction with the university community, to include the Council of Trustees, ESU Foundation, Warrior Club, Community Government Association, Student Activities Association, Bookstore, faculty and staff. Encourage the most current technology to provide an effective and efficient communication system. 

Advocates for sufficient human and financial resources to effectively carry out the mission of the Alumni Association. This committee oversees the progress and status of day-to-day operations of the other committees. 

The bylaws committee is comprised of board members, foundation staff, and other external content experts. This committee periodically reviews the Alumni Association By-Laws to ensure that they are compliant with best practices and effective in addressing the organization’s operational demands. 

Steers organizational efforts towards those goals and objectives that support the mission and vision of the ESU Alumni Association, Foundation, and University at-large. 

Oversees the creation and implementation of programs to advance our mission, transition students to the alumni ranks, and encourage students to become involved upon graduation. Coordinates with various constituent groups within the university and alumni community to improve alumni engagement, attendance and donations to ESU. Foster good relations between students and alumni. 

Solicits and manages nominations to the Board of Directors on an annual basis. Develops ballot and works with Foundation staff to open and close voting, and notify nominees of election outcomes. This committee is appointed annually by the President, consisting of five (5) Board members, exactly three (3) who serve on the Executive Committee. The Committee shall oversee all nominations and elections as prescribed in the bylaws. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall consider attendance and participation of current and former Board members in its criteria for re-election to subsequent terms. 

Alumni need not be an Alumni Association Board of Director to serve on one of these committees. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please review the descriptions and contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at 570-422-3194.