East Stroudsburg University Alma Mater

Alma Mater, thy halls so majestically stand
In the midst of a landscape unique.
Through the seasons we toil with our bodies and minds
In pursuit of the wisdom we seek.
A mystical charm binds thy children to thee,
Each incoming class feels its spell;
Those who leave thee regretful thy beauties recall,
Which deep in their memories dwell.

Alma Mater, thy honor is safe in their hands.
Their deeds by thy precepts are led;
Thy students achieve fresh victories each year
In the name of the black and the red.
We'll strive with our might thy fond name to exalt.
We'll sacrifice self to thy aim;
And united in hand and in heart we'll achieve
Only deeds that shall add to thy fame.

(Patrick Conny, 1912)