Alumni Diversity and Inclusion Message

Dear Fellow Warriors:

Earlier this summer, Dr. Santiago Solis, Vice President, Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence, issued a letter to all ESU students and the ESU community concerning the need to examine practices and policies to improve the campus climate. He stated that the number one goal is to continue creating a campus community in which every student feels welcomed, valued, respected, empowered, and supported.

As an Alumni Association we need to support this initiative. More than 40 percent of ESU’s student population are people of color and will one day receive their diploma and become Warrior Alumni. Our goal is to be an Alumni Association that welcomes, values, respects, and supports ALL ESU Alumni regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, national status, disability or any other demographic.

During their orientation on move-in weekend, incoming freshmen are taught about the Way of the Warrior. There are seven elements to the Way of the Warrior, but the ones that resonate with me during this time are that ESU Warriors are champions of social justice, are committed to self-growth, and are dedicated to empowering others. These are powerful words that when taken to heart can bring about positive change for the better in our society.
There are some other things we can do to live the elements in the Way of the Warrior:

  1. Communicate. Be open to engaging in positive communication with people that do not look like you.

  2. Get involved! Whether it is at work, at school, or in the community - get involved with diversity initiatives.

  3. Talk to your children about race. The world is made up of a people of all shades of skin color, and we need to embrace it.

  4. Become a Warrior Alumni Mentor. All of our students need help to guide themselves through their university careers. There are some who may not have the resources that others have. Find a student by contacting the Office of Career Development, and guide them to grow professionally and personally.

  5. Speak up! Do not be afraid to speak up against hateful speech. Be brave, be true to yourself. Live up to that Warrior spirit!
    ESU’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee is made up of faculty, staff, administration and students. I encourage you to visit their website at:

Every journey begins with a single step. Walk with us as we celebrate our diversity and work to empower and support all of our Alumni. Warrior Strong.


David Super ’80
President, ESU Alumni Association Board of Directors