We would like to announce our #WhereWarriorsGo winner!

Brenda Brodt '81, you are the lucky winner! We had fun this summer with all of our ESU alumni sharing their vacation pictures. We hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer!


Brenda Brodt ‘81


My daughter, Lauren Brodt ’14, and I were on Long Beach Island, N.J., the weekend of May 17. I’ve been going there for over 50 years. My aunt had a home there. So many fun times, memories and family connections. My late husband, Darwin Brodt ’78, loved to relax on this quiet island and enjoy delicious seafood. We will be returning in July and hopefully many more times.

Ed Salerno ’81

Where Warriors Go! - Ed Salerno ’81 Photo 1

Where Warriors Go! - Ed Salerno ’81 Photo 2

I returned to Fort Lauderdale, Fla.,  the scene of our 1979 spring break trip. What a great time it was with my roommates.

Susan Miazga Fisher ’88

Where Warriors Go! - SUSAN MIAZGA FISHER ’88 photo 1

July 2019 trip to the Outer Banks, N.C. The wedding of Katherine Siegert Stryck, ASA sorority sister. Also, I visited Brenda Yates Davis, member of AOII sorority. 

Tim McEwen ’75

Where Warriors Go - TIM MCEWEN ’75 Photo 1

In May, my wife, Char, our daughter, Katie, and her significant other, Yuri, traveled to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia.  Aside from the rich history, architecture and culture, our main take-away was that politics is politics, but people are people.  We enjoyed getting to know the Russian people, who like Americans, care most about family, friends and the pursuit of peace and happiness.  It was also nice to taste genuine Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian and Armenian cuisines and Crimean wines, all of which are very difficult to find in the United States.

Brooke Langan ’91

Where Warriors Go! - BROOKE LANGAN ’91 (Photo 1)

Just wanted to share a recent Warrior alum trip I took with three of my fellow Warriors (Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters) to celebrate 31 years or friendship and our 50th birthdays. Mary Montgomery Yarussi ’91, Susan Delaney Ptack ’91, Jodi Dewald Evers ’91 and I (Brooke Smith Langan ’91) traveled to the Big Island of Hawaii in late June. We spent most of our time catching up but also kayaked irrigation canals, snorkeled the reef, biked the volcano, and ate at a wonderful luau. So thankful for my lifelong Warrior friends.

Rosemary McMullen Wilson ’65

My favorite vacation spot is New York State. This summer I went with a tour group to the Hudson Valley and had a nice time—cruising the Hudson, visiting the Rockefeller Estate and West Point. At my age, 77, my touring days may be limited!

Matthew & Jacqueline (Ventriglia) Phelan ’02


My husband and I, went on our first cruise in April to the Bahamas. Truly a beautiful place. Every year, we also take a family trip with a group of friends to Outer Banks, N.C. This year will be our sixth year!

We regularly camp at Driftstone on the Delaware in Mt. Bethel. Here we are floating down the Delaware with our family. 

Marianne Carroll Amato


We spent 10 days in the beautiful Florida Keys. The sunsets were absolutely gorgeous and the water incredibly clear, warm and blue like I’ve never seen before.

Jeffrey Carl ’09 & Lisa Balascak Carl ’09

where Warriors Go - JEFFREY CARL ’09 & LISA BALASCAK CARL ’09

Jeff & Lisa Carl traveled to the Great Smoky Mountains with their two daughters, 5-year old Rowan and 3-year old Ada. 

Wendy Pfaffhausen ’66

Where Warriors Go - WENDY PFAFFHAUSEN ’66

I have been traveling to Belize since 2013 and love it! The people are warm and friendly. This photo is of a coconut vendor with me on the pier in Belize City. Last year, I submitted a photo showing the class of teachers in Belize who I instructed in the Elements of Art. It is an art endeavor which I am repeating this August as a five-day workshop, nonprofit. In the photo, I am holding our ESU Warrior.  More information on this endeavor can be seen on our website, artforbelizechildren.com.

Don Griffith ’56

Where Warriors Go - DON GRIFFITH ’56

In Angangueo, Mexico, at the El Rosario Sanctuary in February 2019.

Gail Davis ’63

Where Warriors Go! - GAIL DAVIS ’63

Third North Laurel Hall Class of ’63 at the Lobster House in Cape May, N.J.

John “Jake” Jacobi ’68 M’70

My favorite summer destination is the French Polynesian islands of Tahiti, and Bora-Bora. I have sailed there several times and absolutely love the spectacular scenery, crystal clear water, beautiful coral reefs, wonderful culture, and friendly local people. It should be on everybody's bucket list!

Nelvin Lai ’01

Cuba. Love, love, love this country. Went there before the shut down. Aside the politics, people are friendly and helpful. Beaches are very scenic, clean and beautiful. Lots of classic cars and history. People are poor, but very happy living with what they have.

Terry Lawton, Ph.D. ’69

Sedona, Arizona at Red Rock Crossing. This is one of the “Vortex” sites in Sedona and is a special place to meditate or simply enjoy the peace and beauty of our world.  My appreciation for the outdoors was developed from many work weekends with Helen Brown and Marilyn Storck at Stony Acres.

Nancy Boyer ’20

Cape May, N.J.

Linda Cheney ’74

Three shots of me and my hubby on the Amalfi Coast! Enjoy your summer!

Thomas Heslin ’71

Myrtle Beach, S.C., in May and Wildwood Crest, N.J., in September.

Ed Harris ’07

We love to vacation in Florida. This was our daughter’s first trip to Disney.

Bob Callard ’92

Best summer ever, Seattle, Washington.  Everyone thinks it rains all year in Seattle, but it doesn't. The summers are essentially a drought.


Pamela (Francis) Wilson ’73

My favorite vacation spots are anywhere along the beautiful rocky coast of Maine. There are so many great beaches (if you don’t mind water temps in the 60s, lobster shacks, islands, lighthouses and parks (including breathtaking Acadia National Park).  You can’t beat the Pine Tree State for a picturesque and memorable vacation!

Robert Kenter ’88

Robert Kenter ’88 (Photo 1)

May 17, 2019: Somewhere between Ventry and Coumeenoole on the Dingle Peninsula of Ireland. Words can't describe the beauty of Ireland's West Coast, especially when you're hiking

Laura & Brian Focht ’94

Laura & Brian Focht ’94 (Photo 1)

We went to Clearwater Beach this year.  The sunsets were beautiful and white sand beaches were outstanding. 

Amanda Vojta ’18

Amanda Vojta ’18 (Photos)

My family and I, and my boyfriend, who also graduated from ESU in 2018 went on vacation to Arizona and visited Sedona, Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend. I highly recommend. If you are looking for a beautiful scenic trip, go to Arizona!

Danielle Simcic ’12

Danielle Simcic ’12 (Photos)

I was traveling to Chicago to visit a friend from grad school (Rowan University).  I love traveling to new places, domestic and abroad, to explore new cultures, local cuisine, and to just get out of my comfort zone. My favorite part of my Chicago trip was a tourist stop at Lou Malnati's Pizzeria where I tried deep dish pizza for the first time! It was delicious, but (and I'm hoping the Warriors have my back on this one), it definitely was not like Goomba's Pizza on Main Street.

Tina Lazar

My favorite place to visit was Greece. It was beautiful and the people were wonderful and warm. Food was great and the beaches were fantastic!

Jen Totten ’99

Jen Totten ’99 - Photos

Cocoa Beach, Fla., is our favorite vacation spot. You can't beat the beaches, and my Grandpa lives right nearby! Now, my parents and aunt live down there, too, so we need another excuse to go visit!

Jessica Schultz ’16

Jessica Schultz ’16 - Photos

Wrightsville Beach, N.C., has been my favorite place to go on vacation for several years now. One of my favorite reasons why I love vacationing at one of the few (and very beautiful!) Wilmington beaches, is because of the clear and turquoise waters. I enjoy going to the sandbar to relax for the day with my family and friends that live nearby. There is so much to do in Historic Downtown Wilmington, it’s hard to be bored on vacation!

R. Griggs Levy ’87

R. Griggs Levy ’87 (Photos 1)

At our residence in Chester County at the Levy pool. Our favorite place is the Bahamas. The summer is heating up!

R. Griggs Levy ’87 (Photos 1)

We like to spend time in Ocean City, N.J. Our youngest, Morgan, is enjoying her new Jet-ski.

Christina Lynn Novak ’04 M.Ed. ’09

Christina Lynn Novak ’04 M.Ed. ’09 - Photos 1

My kids love going to Dorney Park. It’s definitely our go-to for the summer! We always have a blast!